Wrong Side Brewing

The Brief

Located in the heart of the Victorian High Country, Wrong Side Brewing operates from a traditional copper clad brew-house set on the banks of lake Eildon. The mastermind behind the scenes is owner, Paul Hann. He brings a fanatical and passionate approach with the utmost attention to detail and quality. There’s a growing range of historic, classic and new age beers which can be found in pubs and retail outlets throughout Australia. We have the privilege of working with Paul to create the brand identity, website and a diverse range of unique labels.


The artwork was built from a graphite sketch. Pixel painting, vector artwork and photography were used to bring the final piece together. The actual Wrong Side Brew-house features in the backdrop.


Acrylic Painting, 122cm X 162cm – An interpretation of the original the works of sculptor Joseph Maria Subirachs who created stone carvings on The Basilica of the Sacrada Familia, Barcelona.

Artist - Meaghan Thomson

Mr Panther – Charcoal finger painting with ink overlay

Saison - Winter

The Brief
“Hi, Can you create me a label featuring the three of us?
Thanks Paul.”


The Art

Vector Graphics - 16cm x 8cm

Designed in consultation with Brew Doggie Dog, Quality Tasting Officer to Wrong Side Brewing. Quite a few photoshoots to get the tongue sitting perfecto! Cafe Racer designed and built in Miami, Florida.